Title Description / Abstract
Performance-Based Road Management and Maintenance Contracts -Worldwide Experiences, Dr. Gunter Zietlow, International Seminar on Road Financing and Investment, Arusha, Tanzania, April 2007. The presentation provides an extensive introduction to Performance-Based Contracts (PBC) and discusses benefits and disadvantages of PBC, performance standards and response times, risk identification, sharing, and mitigation, performance monitoring, payments and incentive systems, data management and ownership, customer perception and community involvement, tender design and evaluation, changes required by the client, consultants, and contractors, implementation experiences, and lessons learned.
Using Micro-Enterprises to Create Local Contracting Capacity - The Latin American Experience (PPT), Dr. Gunter Zietlow, University of Birmingham (UK), Senior Road Executives Programme, Restructuring Road Management, Birmingham, 24-29 April 2005. The presentation describes the different types of micro-enterprises using a simple form of performance-based routine road maintenance contract, concentrates mainly on the cooperative micro-enterprises created in several Latin American countries, and demonstrates how they can help to create employment especially in rural areas.